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For IC vendors:

Free Model Foundry proudly offers development services as a contract provider of VHDL and Verilog models. FMF models are written at a behavioral level, do not reveal intellectual property, and are not synthesizable. In most cases, models can be created using only the published data sheet information. Once developed, FMF will make your models freely available to your potential customers through our website. Because all models are distributed as standards compliant source code, they are highly portable across the range of simulators and operating systems.

IC vendors who wish to obtain cost and schedule quotes please contact Sales:

or call our office at 1-775-241-4789.

For systems designers:

Free Model Foundry is available, as above, for custom model development in VHDL or Verilog.

FMF Support Subscriptions alleviate any concern about using unsupported free models.

Support services, on an annual subscription basis, include usage issues, bug fixes, help with library and simulation issues, and support of FMF supplied software such as the script for generating SDF files. Support contracts are sold for $1,200 per year, per site. Subscribers can access FMF by email or telephone.

The FMF engineering team is also available on a contract basis to help with system verification tasks.

Please contact Sales:

or call our office at 1-775-241-4789.

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The Free Model Foundry monthly newsletter will inform you about FMF events, model updates and other model related news. To put yourself on the distribution list, send e-mail to: Please include your e-mail address in the message body.

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