The Model Library

Free Model Foundry


IC vendors such as Intel, IDT and Spansion find Free Model Foundry the best way to provide simulation models for their customers.

FMF models are downloaded weekly by over 2000 systems houses including IBM, HP, Siemens, and GE.

Integrated Device Technology, Multi-Port Memory Products

"At IDT, our customers (especially some of strategic importance)were asking for VHDL models. We knew that FMF models were comprehensive and also that the open source architecture adopted by FMF was very customer oriented. We chose FMF for their quality of service and their highly competitive pricing.

Customers absolutely like to have simulation models. Having models available differentiates IDT from our leading competitors and allows us to provide better solutions to our customers. By getting improved service from us, our customers are able to achieve faster development cycles and hence improve the time to market of their products.

IDT has achieved significant design wins in the communications infrastructure market by providing FMF models. The models created by FMF were in higher demand in Europe, as the simulation language of choice in that continent seems to be VHDL. To date we have not received any complaints on the models, which speaks volumes for the quality work that FMF did for us." - Sunil Kashyap, Applications Engineer

Integrated Device Technology, FIFO Memory Products

"At IDT, we find that working with FMF to supply models provides a significant advantage to our customers, helping them verify designs and improving their time to market. We believe that anything that makes life easier for our customers is good for IDT!

FMF is a superior source for models because they are available for download, immediately, around the clock. There is no need for engineers to email IDT, request a model, and wait for a reply. FMF posts a range of models which are not available elsewhere.

I have worked with FMF for 3 1/2 years, they have been very helpful and easy to work with." - Stewart Speed, Applications Engineer


"At TRW we have used FMF models for our circuit board simulations. The ECLPS library has been especially beneficial. It is a large collection of high-speed part models. Having the source code available makes it easy to maintain our circuit board libraries. The models are easily reanalyzed (compiled) as the CAD tools change. The FMF keeps us up to date on new releases, and there are no license fees. I personally don't know of any other repository of component models that is so user friendly." - R. Steele TRW

Tervelox, Inc.

"The use of the Free Model Foundry VHDL designs was a strong help into making this technology succesfull. Those models where used to produce Verilog models used in current FPGAs to interface old tape drives to current USBs."

Micro Memory

"I'd like to take a moment to thank the FMF. Without several of the FMF models like your SDRAM models, it would have taken many more artwork revisions. As a result of the models, my high speed ECC / EDAC SDRAM memory controller design worked with the first pass of the artwork."

Great concept." - Michael L. Hasenfratz, Senior Project Engineer, Micro Memory LLC.

Acuson, A Siemens Company

"On the Advanced Video Display design at Acuson, the main challenge to design verification was the lack of simulation models, especially for the JPEG part. But with FMF models, we successfully brought up simulation, which was invaluable. During board prototyping, we simulated problems we had on the board for easy logic debug, shortening our time to market." - Roxanna Ganji

"FMF models gave us the fastest and most reliable path to achieving systems verification. With FMF models, there was no need to re-invent the wheel. These proven models gave us what we needed to verify our design." - Paul Song

Over 800,000 FMF models were downloaded in 2007